Today, our electrical engineers not only provide services to our in-house projects but also retain the ability to support external building consultancies purely for electrical engineering services. Our electrical engineers are trained in the aspects of sustainable design to LEED and BREEAM standards. Whenever possible, sustainable and alternative renewable energy technologies are incorporated in our designs. Our engineers have been involved with numerous electrical designs for residential, commercial, retail, defence, tourism and industrial projects. Our largest single design contract is for 175,000m2 of residential and commercial development.

Orient Research can offer the following services and more:
○ All Low and Medium Voltage Systems
○ Building Automation System (BMS)
○ Fire alarm detection system
○ Telephone socket location and systems diagram
○ Data-network socket location and systems diagram
○ Public and emergency announcement system
○ Intercom system.
○ Security Systems- CCTV and Card access
○ Supervision of design and construction
○ Testing and commissioning of systems
○ Conduct independent design audits, due diligence studies and peer review
○ Conduct bidding, cost estimates and procurement
○ Project management