Orient Research’s senior team of dedicated technical directors and consultants has more than 45 years of practical experience in architectural and engineering design and in project and construction management.

Orient Research engineers and architects are highly qualified and have extensive theoretical and practical experience in the design and construction of structures in accordance with American, British, European [Union] and Turkish Codes of Practice. The majority of our staff have completed postgraduate degrees. We employ professionally qualified staff including Chartered Engineers, a Chartered Architect, a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Doctors in Engineering. Due to the international nature of our consulting services, all of our senior staff members are fluent in English. Other languages spoken are Turkish, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Serb-Croat, Arabic, Farsi, Malay and Chinese.

Our staff’s experience includes all aspects of design and management of architectural, civil and structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, environmental engineering and sustainable engineering projects. Our engineers and technicians are also very capable and experienced in carrying out destructive and non–destructive testing, which are an important part of our investigative studies into the strength of existing structures.

Our technicians are skilled in the use of Building Information Modelling software REVIT for architectural, structural, mechanical,  electrical and plumbing works. They are also trained in the use of other 3D modelling and presentation software.