We have found it necessary to have mechanical engineers in Orient Research due to the diverse and multi-disciplinary nature of our projects. We have been entrusted this responsibility by many clients who are well satisfied with our other services. Today, our mechanical engineers not only provide services to our in-house projects but also retain the ability to support external building consultancies purely for mechanical engineering services. Our engineers have been involved with numerous mechanical designs for residential, commercial, retail, defence and industrial projects. Our largest single design contract is for 175,000m2 of residential and commercial development.

Throughout the design process, our mechanical engineers are well aware of the issues of global warming and are trained in the aspects of sustainable design to LEED and BREEAM standards. They continue to focus on minimising energy and natural resources wastage through efficient design and incorporating more sustainable and alternative renewable energy technologies. In addition, all aspects of comfort in service, ease of maintenance and reliability of the systems are the standards in all designs.

Orient Research can provide all our clients with the following services and more:
○ Independent design audits, due diligence studies and peer review
○ Feasibility studies and design for alternative energy solutions
○ Design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
○ Safety and fire suppression system design for petrol stations
○ Design of fire suppression system in buildings
○ Process design for industrial facilities
○ Water and wastewater system design
○ Thermal and energy modelling
○ Supervision of design and construction
○ Bidding documentation and bid management
○ Project management
○ Procurement
○ Testing and commissioning of systems