Orient Research is continually striving to meet worldwide challenges. Sustainability is defined in the UN – Brundtland Report as ‘development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. We believe that sustainable development must be considered from environmental, socio-political and economic perspectives in order to achieve this definition.

We are working to promote sustainable development and integrating sustainable methods in all our practices. Orient Research is a BREEAM International Licensed Assessor and is able to assist in ensuring that developments are properly accredited. Our assessor and design staff are also trained in LEED.

Orient Research can provide clients with the following services and more:
○ Carrying out a BREEAM assessment
○ Acting as a local consultant role in a BREEAM and LEED assessment
○ Assisting in the process ensuring that it meets the requirements for sustainable design
○ Design for sustainable development
○ Developing a BREEAM and LEED friendly Design Brief and Specifications
Other services that we can provide in conjunction with BREEAM and LEED include:
○ Energy modelling
○ Renewable energy modelling (BEPI)
○ Noise and Acoustic surveys
○ Daylight modelling
○ Travel Planning
○ Thermal modelling