Orient Research’s engineers have vast experience in earthquake engineering particularly the assessment, analysis and design and of structures for pre-earthquake and post-earthquake conditions. They had worked on several large projects for assessment, testing, detail analysis and retrofit design ranging from 300,000 m2 to approximately 1 million m2 of construction area in one single contract.

The seismic resistant design of a structure includes not only structural analysis and design but also ground modelling and analysis taking into consideration the local site specific hazards.

Orient Research is one of the founding members of the Seismic Base Isolation Association in Turkey and our Technical Director is in the executive committee of the Association.

Orient Research offer a range of earthquake engineering services including the following and more:
○ Seismic hazard and risk analysis,
○ Ground response analysis,
○ Determination of design ground motion
○ Liquefaction analysis
○ Seismic slope stability analysis
○ Seismic analysis and design of new and existing structures
○ Seismic analysis and design of non-structural elements
○ Innovative technologies on seismic isolation systems for existing and new structures