Orient Research has been carrying out destructive and non-destructive tests as part of our assessment and retrofit design of existing structures. These can either be the testing of structural members such as columns, shear walls, beams or the whole structure. Testing of the whole structure can be done when its dynamic characteristics must be identified. This is particularly useful for historical structures where many different types of materials may have been used in the structural members within one single structure.

Our staff also undertake a range of soil and geotechncial testing commissions, both for in-situ and laboratory soil mechanics tests. All sampling and testing work are supervised by our engineers.

In addition to the above, our team has experience in the installation and operation of monitoring systems for structural and geotechnical projects. One of the recent structural health monitoring applications was done for the two suspension bridges over Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey

Orient Research can provide clients with the wide range of testing services including the following and more:
○ Concrete compression test (laboratory)
○ Structural member exposure of reinforcement test (in-situ)
○ Structural Steel Non destructive testing (in-situ)
○ Reinforcement identification by means of cover-meter test (in-situ)
○ Reinforcement bar/ steel tensile test (laboratory)
○ Ambient vibration test (in-situ / whole structure)
○ Forced vibration test (in-situ / whole structure)
○ Monitoring systems for the structures